Platform empowering SMEs to profit from carbon accounting, buy from sustainable suppliers and reverse climate change!

Our Mission

Our society needs to empower innovations that can tackle climate change through the adoption of circular economy models. One such tool up for the task is carbon credits, as purchasing a single credit enables a kg of CO2 emission to be diverted from nature. SMEs make up a big part of the business ecosystem, 99% in the UK, yet their level of participation in cutting their carbon footprint has not got much traction, despite they are being responsible for 50% of GHG emissions. The main reason behind is the calculation of carbon, which is deemed to be complicated and expensive. Hence, ClearCO2 aims to help SMEs with this, such that they are aware of their footprint, what is the benchmark and reasonable reduction target, and also potential carbon-reduction or elimination solutions. At the same time, by offering certification, ClearCO2 also helps SMEs to realise the potential of their carbon credit, which could be traded in a marketplace on their behalf.