Our Team

Join our movement for healing the broken food system!

Mentors and volunteers are welcome to support our core-team:

Sylvie Chin
Gadi Kolker
Alain Chin

Entrepreneur & marketing
wizard: 20+ years in food, tech and insurance

Expert: Decarbonization and environmental reporting

Entrepreneur & software craftsman:
15+ years leading and programming applications for financial services

The food system is broken...

As part of the ClearKarma movement ClearCO2 is committed to healing the broken food system by reducing greenhouse gas emissions and help reverse climate change!

ClearCO2 is connecting and assisting small & mid-size businesses along the food supply-chain seeking to improve their impact dramatically. We are building new standards and methodologies to manage, trace and verify carbon emissions and impact data by leveraging the latest technologies for trust and transparency like Blockchain.

Our team of entrepreneurs has a proven track record in winning awards for digital solutions. We master data, tech, sales and sustainability but start as a small but highly motivated team.

Your kind help can work magic: Currently we are finishing applications to calculate impact. Our concept has been validated through clients and we are looking for funding to adapt our solutions and serve our customers faster. Our next investments will support staffing, IT-development, certification fees and marketing.

Time to act is now!
We cannot make it without you, so please join ClearCO2 and contribute in healing the broken food system!